Work At Home and Make Money Online Answering Surveys

by Survey Blogger on November 15, 2008

Do you know that you could work at home and make money online just by completing surveys ?

Yep. You can make money online just by completing surveys at home.

However, how much money you can make depends on a few factors – your geographic location, your demographic profile and how much effort you willing to put in. Though you cannot do much on the first two factors, you could compensate with the third.

Online paid surveys are a great online money making tools. Imagine getting rewarded just for sharing your thoughts and opinions. The rewards are also not bad. Most of the time you will be rewarded with cash incentives but sometimes you will be offered products to test at home, prizes, gift vouchers, shopping cards, sweepstake entries, Amazon vouchers and various other incentives. As you can see, it’s rewarding to complete these online surveys at home as they offered cash as well as prizes as incentives.

The best thing about online surveys are they are 100% free to join. Legitimate online survey panels will never charge a single for you to join their research panels. There are however a lot scam sites that promise you a list of 300 survey panels that you can join for a fee. Be careful of these sites.

I created to blog to list the top free legitimate online paid survey panels for the benefit of the work at home survey takers. We will list only the legitimate and free survey panels but there are also google ads in these that might show various ads related to survey sites – just be careful when dealing with these sites.

Besides answering surveys, you could also make more money by joining the survey panel’s affiliate programs or referral program. These survey panel affiliate/referral programs will reward you when someone sign up with their survey panel thru your affiliate/referral link. There’s no limit to how much you can earn when you participate in these programs.

Since this is the blog’s first post, I will start reviewing free legitimate online survey panels in the near future so stay tuned.

Below are some sites that list free legitimate online paid survey panels for free :-

Free Top Legitimate Online Paid Survey Panels

The Free Paid Surveys Network

Top Free Online Paid Survey Panels

Survey Trekker

Top Free Paid Surveys

Americans Paid Surveys

Canada Free Paid Surveys

UK Free Paid Surveys

Top Australia Paid Surveys

Europe Paid Surveys

Top Free Paid Surveys List

Start earning extra money on the Internet taking research surveys !!


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